Mar. 18th, 2014 07:59 am
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Russ would have been 50 today.
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Another year passes; this time, Russ's Mother passed during the year, so she has been added to the main headstone.  Someone has cleaned up Russ's stone at the same time.  Bought some roses along this year.  I still miss the old bear.
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It would have been Beast's birthday today.  And of course, once my brain has gone down that train of thought, I think of Russ too and gave a little growl.  The world is a richer place for them having been here.  But still missed dreadfully.
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Caught the coach down from Coalville to London today and noticed that the franchisee for the coach was a Nottingham firm.  Climbed on board and showed the driver my ticket.  Then noticed that the driver was quite bear-y.  Then realised that I knew said bear - he was a friend of Russ [ profile] rock_bear and we'd driven up to Manchester and back with him and his partner a few years ago.  So, of course, on arrival at Victoria Coach Station, managed to get a free hug off the driver.  That's personal service for you!
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I decided I was going to get myself a tablet, so the plan was to go to John Lewis in Leicester on Saturday to review what they had and possibly make a purchase.  I tend to trust John Lewis staff (or colleagues - the chain is run much like a co-operative) know what they are talking about when they give advice.  Unfortunately, the English Defence League were having a demonstration in the city center and Best Beloved forbade me from traveling there.

So, instead, made a trip out to Nottingham instead.  I still miss Nottingham - I moved away about 4 years ago now.  I know that a lot of places around there have memories of [ profile] rock_bear but there are loads of memories I created for myself there.  None the less, as I entered the Victoria Centre, I gave a growl of supplication.  The John Lewis in Nottingham had got tablets in stock and, even better, the cute furry salesman who has been there years and, I think, sold me a camera once.

Only problem is, stayed up late last night playing with new toy.  Oh well, will just have to sleep on the coach this morning as I head down to The Smoke to meet [ profile] albadger...


Mar. 18th, 2013 03:59 pm
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Russ's birthday today.  Happy Birthday wherever you are xxx
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Took my annual visit to Russ's grave this afternoon - need to bring a brush with me next time to clean the stone up with...
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Went to Russ's grave today to put some flowers on it.  I wish I'd bought more - I only got 6 white carnations, thinking that there may have been more flowers with it having been 4 years since his passing on Tuesday.
Also got to wondering what mischief he and [ profile] beastbriskett are getting up to in the great hereafter/Valhalla/(insert afterlife of your choosing here)...!
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January 31st. 2011.
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Three years ago, I was in Tucson - I think it was a Thursday; various parties were being organised to local restaurants for the early arrivers at Fiesta de los Osos.  It must have been about 6pm - I had gone back to my hotel room for whatever reason and  I checked my computer and found a message from [ profile] madamemish to contact her as soon as possible.  The transatlantic phone call that followed started something like this:-

"He's gone." (sob)
"What?  Who...?"
"Russ.  He's dead."  There was a pause.  Then I howled.

The circumstances have been documented elsewhere, but at that moment in time I felt disconnected; hit by the full force of the distance between here and there.  There was only one thing I could do under that circumstance; I rang my father.  I needed the familiar.

I must have been in my room quite a while; when I re-emerged, I remember the first person to see me was [ profile] shelbycub .  I'm not sure whether I just hugged him or blurted out what had happened.

Fast forward three years; it still hurts.  Which is good in it's own way.  Have asked Steve to take me to the grave the weekend after next.  I'll be a mess, but I think I need to be a mess.
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And that's the joy of the internet.  While we remember [ profile] rock_bear, he still lives on...
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For some reason today I am missing Russ more so than usual.  I am not sure what brought this on, but am overcome with a wave of melancholia.

I need to splash water on my face and get out of the flat for a bit.
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[ profile] madamemish  visited [ profile] rock_bear 's grave on the 31st. of January and, it appears, there is a mystery.  Someone left a small pewter bear on the stone.  Who, we don't know...


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Calm and moderately surprised.

Surprised, because I am where I expected to be.  Nothing went wrong.  And the pessimist in me says yet...

I've been here in Tipton just over 2 weeks now; getting used to catching the bus to work, but trying not to catch it from the nearest bus stop so that I get some sort of a walk in each day, even if it is along the traffic choked road to Oldbury.  Might look into walking along the canal for the summer.  Or maybe getting a pushbike, if I can find somewhere safe at work to store it.  But my luck with anything requiring regular love and attention tends to be bad, so maybe I should stick to walking.

Missed being in Tucson dreadfully; so much so, I am looking at ways of getting there next year.  Book me a space in the hot tub!!!

Got over the first anniversary of [ profile] rock_bear 's passing.  I have a few pictures of him up on the shelf in the bedroom, and growl at them occasionally.  He's probably sat in the great hereafter playing charades with Joyce Grenfell and Noel Coward in any case and complaining that you just can't f*ck on clouds like you used to.  It would not surprise me.

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For 2 reasons:-

1. It is a year since [ profile] rock_bear  died.

2. I should be in Tucson.

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I keep telling myself; there isn't three feet of snow outside; this is not Siberia or the US Mid-west; it's Sneinton.

But it's bloody cold and I don't want to do anything but curl up on the sofa and eat chocolate.

How very Russ-esque.
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I seem to have some sort of idea of my current strategy regarding the next year or so.  I currently have about five different promotion applications in process; I have an interview for one on Thursday and another on Monday.  Still waiting on the rest.  If I get a promotion; if it means moving, so be it.  At the moment, I am living out of one room and can easily up-sticks and go.   I can then get all my stuff moved up from out of store (hopefully) in one foul swoop.  There's probably less of a hold for me here, post [profile] rock_bear.  If I don't get the promotion; the plan is to keep plugging away at the Council housing register and promotion moves onto a slower burner.  Either way, I hope to be moved forwards in some sense by mid next year.

Wow.  That's scary.  A plan at last.
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Arrived at the Arboretum around 7.30 in the morning to find a somewhat frazzled Nina who had been there since 6 am, to find that the contractors had only delivered double stalls when we needed a mixture.  Fortunately, with a little tactical juggling, Nina re-drew the map and the contractors started to assemble the stalls.  As is their want, stallholders arrived an hour earlier than they were told and were sent down to us sort out.  Finally, after much cursing and grumbling from Nina and myself, the stalls were in place.

Then, the event started.  Much larger than last year; many, many more people than the 1200 predicted.  Fortunately, the beer tents held out as did the caterers.  The weather kept it's promise and did not rain on our parade.   Except, we don't have a parade in Nottingham, but you get the picture.  Unfortunately, I spent most of the afternoon flat on my back as my spine was playing up and I was nowhere near any decent painkillers apart from the can of John Smith's Yorkshire Bitter that Beastie managed to find me.

Beastie shows off the T-Shirts in memory of [profile] rock_bear.

[profile] madamemish's parents were looking for her; they approached Beastie, and I understand the conversation went something like this:-

MM Parents : Have you seen Michelle?
Beastie : There's a tent full of firemen and a TV film crew - where do you think she is?

The Bandstand - site of main activities

One for the Furries!


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