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...happened to me on the way back from the cinema.  A group of teenagers passed me, and as they passed one of them shouted "Oi, mate you look like a teacher!"  For some reason I turned laughing and said "A teacher?  If only my life was that exciting!"  It amused me all the way to the bus stop.

And got me thinking.  I might be merely a public servant, but I have had an exciting life... leastways, there's been plenty of sex in the last twelve years...

And there's still life in the old dog yet - it's just that the pause button is set for the moment.
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We've had VHS, Betamax, Laserdisc,V2000, DVD and Blu Ray.  But I'd still rather go to the movies.  Okay, the last couple of times, there have been less than ten people in the auditorium; this either says something about my sense of timing, or the type of film I like to see.  I just like the big screen; the enhanced sound (where available), the blink as you come back out into daylight.

And on that note, I bring you...
...Cheese Scones!
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Have been on vacation all week; not been doing much apart from trying to do a little tidying about the flat, but being quite lazy most of the time.  However, took a trip out to the AMC at Five Ways to see the latest Gurinder Chadha flick.  Hadn't seen any of her previous work, but her "Who Do You Think You Are" programme was fascinating.  Anyways, the reason I wanted to see the film was one of the characters (the mother) had a habit of bumping off anyone who offended her daughter - the film starts with a character being force fed curry that eventually kills him by explosion.

That sort of sets the tone, really.  Thoroughly enjoyed it.
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This is probably so much hyperbole, but - GO SEE MAMMA MIA!

It is definitely my feel-good movie of the summer.  And Pierce Brosnan's singing is better than mine (which possibly isn't saying that much. but he got paid for doing it!!!)
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[profile] rock_bear is making a fleeting return to Nottingham, so last night we went with a couple of his friends to see "Hairspray".  I must admit I wasn't expecting to like the film, but I loved it!  Certain little tips of the hat to the original film (although no Mink Stole) and Christopher Walken dancing.  I love the way his face lights up when he's hoofing.
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May The Fourth Be With You...!!!
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Damn.  England won their first match.  Still, there's hope they will get drummed out in the first round.  Am I the only person on the planet that would be highly amused by this?  Lycka till, Sverige!
While the match was on, I took refuge in a cinema in Fareham and went to see "The Wild" again.  What can I say; I'm a fool for wise-cracking London koalas with attitude...
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Go see "The Wild". Mainly because of the British Koala (yeah, like you see them climbing up Nelson's Column, and crapping on tourists...) who gets most of the best lines, but also, the German Dung Beetles, Undercover Chamelions and Dancing Wildebeest.

'Nuff said.
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From "Scandal" (Palace Pictures/Miramax, 1989)...

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Create your own Movie List @ HotFreeLayouts!
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I never used to be a great movie go-er, but this year seems to have been a bit of an exception.  Sure, one pleasure is to have breakfast over at Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth on a Sunday morning , followed by a movie (try it!), and it's best not to go in the evening by yourself, but I think I may have developed a habit...

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My DVD copy of "What The Bleep Do We Know?" arrived today. And I was taken back... to the Bagdad Theater, to the Max, to the City of Roses, to Goose Hollow...

And So...

Apr. 16th, 2004 05:38 pm
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Back to reality.

Via Portland OR, the Columbia River Valley (and a whole lot of gorgeous waterfalls - hmm, there may be a pun in there somehere,) Maryhill Museum and a replica of Stonehenge...

Taking in The Puppetry of the Penis; What the (bleep) Do We Know and Jersey Girl...

Tried unsuccessfully to call [livejournal.com profile] albadger and managed to successfully call [livejournal.com profile] denbear and [livejournal.com profile] benpanced.

And ate our way through most of the Asian sub-continent.

Oh, and got another Business Class upgrade. (Ducks tirade of abuse from [livejournal.com profile] longhairelric...)
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Okay, just a quickie - sat here in PSU trying to use an american keyboard and failing miserably! Douglas has offered to do dictation, but I really do have to draw the line at annexing the Sudetenland...

Anyways, saw Jersey Girl last night. Truly excellent. Go see, if only for a 7 year old's rendition of an excerpt from "Sweeney Todd"...!

More later, probably when I get back the other side of the pond...
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Having seen Peter Jackson on news footage of the BAFTA awards, I say sod Gimli, give me Mr. Jackson, a vat of warm chocolate and a selection of rubberwear...

And now back to your usual programming.

Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] quirkypandacub [livejournal.com profile] benpanced, et. al.

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Back to Thursday; bumped into Larry and Dennis who had managed to escape the snows of Boston, and made arrangements to shop for essentials (Mountain Dew, Mountain Dew and... Mountain Dew!!!) Much pottering around and doing very little apart from pottering around the swimmiing pool.

Friday - took a walk to El Con Mall. Dead as a dodo - only a J C Penney and another department store. Picked up some shirts in the sale and shuffled back to the hotel to be enthustastically greeted by Rob [livejournal.com profile] robearal and Al [livejournal.com profile] albadger. And introduced myself to Mike [livejournal.com profile] progbear with the words "You come highly recommended by [livejournal.com profile] rockbear!" Well, I thought it was a good recomendation! Luncheon was suggested by the Badger, so we trooped off in his nifty little convertible to a rather more alive mall with a huge food court where we were greeted by a hungry [livejournal.com profile] urso. More shopping followed including a slightly disturbing game store selling "Pokethulu"... eeeewww!!!

A cinema trip was proposed; so we headed off to The Loft for a matinee performance of Bubba Hotep; an everyday tale of supposedly deceased Kings of Rock and Presidents combating vengeful soul-sucking mummies in a nursing home in Texas. And afterwards, a second hand bookshop, where I left with a pile of Bloom County books...

Supper round the pool and desparate attempts to get a shag rounded off the day.

Saturday - Missed the tour I originally wanted to go on, and the other tour I ended up on, we got to the location around 10:30 to find it didn't open until 12:00. Oh well, thinks I, spend time in the pool. So I did, bumping into Mike and was introduced to Clifford from Utah. The three of us then produced to produce what could only be described as a "floor show" in the swimming pool, emerging looking somewhat like Sunsweet Prunes.

Pinata, bear contests, got chatting, damn, I was supposed to be going to Rocky Horror at 23:30 grrrrrr....!!!!

Sunday - Rang [livejournal.com profile] wyndwyck to let him know I hadn't forgotten him - I think he'd been in serious la-la land the last few days, what with the heavy duty painkillers he'd been taking. Arranged to call on Monday to make arrangements to visit. Went on the Kitchy Tour of Tucson, taking in the Snake Bridge, Garden of Gethsemane amongst other spots, finishing with burritos in the middle of nowhere. Got back and met up with Al, Clifford and Mike.

Was finally admitted into the fraternity of the Cyber-Amish, or whatever. I'm not quite sure what the good citizens of Tucson made of about 150 large hairy men in candle-lit procession chanting "Pie is baked... Pie is eaten... Pie will come again" from the hotel to the Broadway Cafe. Anyway, much pie was consumed, much to the bemusement of the other customers of the cafe.

Monday - much saying of goodbye, waffles and lunching. Got a spare room key so that Rob could move his stuff out of Al's room. Got back from the Adios Amigos lunch, and rang Paul [livejournal.com profile] wyndwyck. Managed to get through to his friend who swung by the hotel and picked Rob and I up, as apparently Paul was snoozing. Anyway, we got over to the house to be greeted by a very surprised satyr! Spent the afternoon chatting and catching up and dining - alas, missed saying goodbye to Al.

Got back to the hotel; too quiet! Most people had checked out or gone off for dinner.

Tuesday - Said goodbye to Rob at the airport and headed off back to the mean streets of Gosport...
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Nicked this idea from [livejournal.com profile] the_metatron. Who nicked it from... Get the picture. Now stop spilling popcorn in my lap and pass me a purple Quality Street...

(MGM Lion, metamorphosing into a koala...!)

Opening credits: "Now It's On" - Grandaddy
Birth Scene: "Darkness" - Peter Gabriel
Waking-up scene: "Jump, They Said" - David Bowie
Best-friend scene: "Garden Party" - Marillion
First-date scene/ Falling in Love: "The Sensual World" - Kate Bush
I'm in Love Scene: "It's Friday I'm In Love" - The Cure
Love scene: "Your Own Special Way" - Genesis
Sex scene: "Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps" - Doris Day
Driving Scene: "Bohemian Like You" - The Dandy Warhols
Fight-with-friend scene: "Waking the Witch" - Kate Bush
Flying in an airplane scene: "Hole In Your Soul" - ABBA
"Life's okay" scene: "Roam" - B-52s
Heartbreak scene: "Script For A Jester's Tear" - Marillion
Mental-breakdown scene: "Oompa Radio" - Goldfrapp
Lesson-learning scene: "Ripples" - Genesis
Deep-thought scene: "To Be Free" - Mike Oldfield
Flashback scene: "Scared of Ghosts" - Stiltskin
Regret scene: "He Knows You Know" - Marillion
Long-night-alone scene: "Stockholm By Night" - Benny Andersson
Death scene: "Adagio For Strings" - William Orbit, after Samuel Barber
Closing credits: "Bedside Story" - Badly Drawn Boy
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Not only do we get (all too brief) appearences of big, cute, furry guy in Madge's video, but also the added treat of a very haggard and furry Pierce Brosnan for part of the movie...

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I haven't cried at a film in years.
And then I sat down tonight and watched "Iris". I don't usually buy this sort of film, but I'd seen trailers for it, and I have to admit that I am an admirer of both Dame Judi Dench and Jim Broadbent's acting. So many other cameos too, Sam West and his father Timothy playing the younger and older versions of the same character.
A lovely film... just lovely.


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