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Everything has now been moved from Tipton to Ravenstone.  House is scattered with boxes.  I suppose that's the worst of it over now -  have been fretting somewhat about getting everything out of the flat, but job done 10pm Sunday.  Just got to empty the damn things now...
New office in Hinckley seems ok, even if I'm only going to be there a few months before I move to the office in Coalville.  Other than that, life begins anew...
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... until I start in my new office.  Still feel like there is tons to pack and willpower (and my spine) is playing up... it'll get done somehow; it usually does.  Got 3 days off at the end of the month to sort the move out; getting quotes sorted out.  And planning a trip to Sweden in May to see little sis...
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So, the move is pretty much on.  Don't have a date yet, but have been in conversation with people and the plan is for me to work on detachment from my new office for about two months in a place called Hinckley.  Then, hopefully around the end of April, I will transfer back to my new office in Coalville.  Which is about 30 minutes walk from where my new home will be...

It begins...
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I have got my old bed re-assembled in the back bedroom, so I can now accept guests (who may wish to sleep away from my snoring). Guests who wish to snuggle with me have always been welcome...

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I feel a bit like I'm sleepwalking through life at the moment.  No sense of sniffing the flowers along the way.  Sure, I'm doing stuff, going out, seeing people, but I still want that bit more.  It's just that that bit more is now so much more out of my grasp, so it seems.

On the plus side, September 21st. sees me going down to the lock-up in Portsmouth; opening up and letting the removal men in.  And September 22nd. I will be re-united with all the stuff I've missed these last 2 1/2 years.  And going through boxes and throwing stuff out/selling stuff on e-bay.
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Sat down and watched this movie again after 5 years or so.  Sniffled a bit.  Maybe it's the mood I'm in at the moment - have been clearing space in the apartment ready for next month when I get everything out of storage.  Maybe there will be more tears then when I find more remnants of a past life.  Maybe not.  We shall see.
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...of the new pad.

Clicky here to go in the front door. )
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2008 is now past.  2009 dawns with exciting (sic) new possibilities - well, a new job, a new home at least.  But as always, a bit of me is stuck in the past; the losses and disappointments of the last year.  That's just part of the human condition.

Isn't it?

Anyway, to all readers of these random jottings, a happy, healthy and successful 2009.
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I seem to have some sort of idea of my current strategy regarding the next year or so.  I currently have about five different promotion applications in process; I have an interview for one on Thursday and another on Monday.  Still waiting on the rest.  If I get a promotion; if it means moving, so be it.  At the moment, I am living out of one room and can easily up-sticks and go.   I can then get all my stuff moved up from out of store (hopefully) in one foul swoop.  There's probably less of a hold for me here, post [profile] rock_bear.  If I don't get the promotion; the plan is to keep plugging away at the Council housing register and promotion moves onto a slower burner.  Either way, I hope to be moved forwards in some sense by mid next year.

Wow.  That's scary.  A plan at last.
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Okay, this is a bit of a long shot but if anyone reading this knows anyone who might be looking for a room to move into in Nottingham, we currently have two empty rooms in the Sneinton Homestead.

Room One is on the ground floor and is the smaller of the two; Room Two is on the first floor and is larger.  I'm not sure what the monthly rent is, but I think the smaller of the two is around £250 per month including wireless broadband, water and council tax.  Electric and gas is £22.50 - £30 depending on how many are living in the house.  Shared use of lounge, kitchen and bathroom.  Current occupants do not bite unless asked.

Location is five minutes drive from the city center or about twenty walking.  Handy for Nottingham Trent University; easy drive to University of Nottingham, Queens Medical Center and Nottingham City Hospital.  Also drivable to Derby, Leicester, Chesterfield and Loughborough.

Contact me by e-mail if you know anyone who may be interested and I'll put them in contact with our landlord's agent.


Feb. 11th, 2008 06:58 pm
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Went round to look at the apartment today.  Firstly, various conversations that I had had with various people led me to understand that the area was not a good area for a gay man to live in.  Secondly, the locale was visibly dingy, which was not helped by the gloomy entrance to the apartment block.  Then the flat itself - paint all over the floor, wallpaper peeling off the wall, pigeon cr*p all over the balcony and a general feeling of neglect.  So, I'm back on the waiting list...
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Had a phone call from Nottingham City Homes yesterday - they're offering me a 2 bed maisonette in the north of the city, and I've only been on the housing list less than a year!  Going to take a look at it on Friday - all being well, I should move in by the end of March...

Fingers crossed.
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Ok, so far I have the job, albeit temporary, but dammit, it's a reason to get up in the morning.  Working next on getting out of [profile] rock_bear's flat as soon as possible.  After that...?  Well, either looking for Mister Right, or just some more frequent sex would be nice...
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So, I venture out of the city center for a week to New Basford, where I am cat sitting for [profile] madamemish.  This works nicely, as the job I am working on is about 20-30 minutes walk from the house, so theoretically I don't need the bus.  Although, because of the bank holiday on Monday and the Council holiday on Tuesday, I only have to go in for 3 days next week.  One big plus of Le Boudoir de Missmish is WiFi.  Bliss!!!

Although, I have to be honest, I am a little concerned as to what the week may hold.  My erstwhile charge, Mad Frankie, has a habit of leaving little offerings for the alpha cat.

Oh well, spending most of the weekend looking for a suitable room to move into now that I am earning money and officially homeless now that the house in Gosport is sold.

Oh Sh&t...

May. 9th, 2007 11:18 am
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Life just got a hell of a lot worse.  My solicitor just called to tell me the proceeds from the sale of the house will not cover my mortgage.  Plus I have solicitors fees and realtor fees to pay.

I defy anybody to tell me to think positive right now.
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I still have no job.
All my stuff is in store in Portsmouth.
The house sale is slowly going through.
I no longer consider myself a resident of Gosport.

Some of these are positives (yay!) but the big negative is still there: I still have no job.  Some would argue that I am being too fussy, but I still have no concept of most of my abilities.  That and I see a job I like and there is the inevitable caveat "Full Driving Licence Required".  Yes, I could try and take my driving test again, but I know I will only fail it again.  My nerves will get the better of me.  Why keep throwing money at it?  I'd like something majorly good to happen - all the good stuff feels minor or all part of the plan.  But that would require luck.  And luck is not something I have...  And if I hear anybody say "You make your own luck" I reply "Nobody gave me the recipe!"
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...yes I know I'm crabby as hell today.  I have been unemployed for 7 months and despite constant applications and form filling, I have only had two interviews and one batch of psychometric tests.  And I can't get a flat through any of the agencies because I can't provide decent references.  And I'm sorry if that makes me snappy when the subject is brought up.  Please don't read it as ingratitude.

We now return to our usual programming
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Have sorted out a solicitor this morning; now all I have to do is wait for the sale to collapse from underneath me.  Hell, why should this go smoothly?  Very little else so far has...
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Took a trip out to Lincoln - around 12-ish, I got a call from my realtor to say that they had had an offer in on my house... way below what I was after.  Knowing how these things work, I turned down the offer and asked the realtor to see what they could do to up the offer.  Meanwhile, I headed into a restaurant for lunch - a rather nice concoction of chicken and bacon in a tomato, capiscum and cream sauce on pasta.  While I was eating, the phone rang again.   Another offer had been made, still low, but higher than the last one.  The realtor said that she would try and see if they would go any higher.  I had just finished coffee and was waiting for the bill when the realtor rang back with their absolute maximum offer.  Reluctantly I accepted it; I just can't see any other offers flooding in.  But it's one worry off my chest.  I just have to spend Tuesday morning running around getting conveyancing quotes...!!!
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And so today dawns on my last day in this house.  In a few hours, the remaining contents will go into store, then tomorrow I head up to Nottingham to begin A New Chapter.  Sad?  A little.  Excited?  Yes.  Scared?  You bet your sweet hiney. 

One result of the move is that I might not be online as often as I used to be for a while.  But things should get better from now.

Shouldn't they?


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