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Some folks hanker after mince pies, christmas pud, julmust (if you're in Sweden)... and so on... My particular addiction:- And the local pound shop has just got them in.  Om, nom, nom etc...
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...well helloooo, cupcake!!!
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I am on a continual search for the ultimate Chocolate Pudding.  I have tried "Entremets Flan" from France - a bit like a chocolate-y Creme Caramel and has to be cooked a little like Blancmange.  There's Swedish chocolate pudding - I impressed myself by being able to read the instructions.  The Angel Delight that we get over here is just bland and soap-y.  Currently, I am sourcing Jell-o Instant Pudding - initially from E-bay, but I have since found that I can get it in the two main department stores in Birmingham.

I am, naturally, curious as to what else is out there.

However, nothing has yet surpassed the Chocolate Cream Pie at Jim 'N Nicks in Birmingham AL.  And I am stuck in the wrong Birmingham!

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I love Toblerone - I detest honey
I adore pizza - I dislike melted cheese
I like pancakes - I hate eggs

Go figure...
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Waking up to a phone call from me ranting about lack of free Wi-Fi in Nottingham before 10am on a Saturday morning and continuing to rant about my visit to the chiropractor.
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[profile] rock_bear
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Somebody has stolen the Rocky Mountains!  They were there yesterday - I know, because [personal profile] pink_halen, Ron and myself were in them.  But this morning, they are distinctly absent from the panorama outside the french windows.

In other news, three large hairy men were seen eating pie and plotting the abduction of the cute, furry pie-maker at a pie shoppe in Estes Park, CO.  They were later reported in Boulder, CO, eating hot dogs at Mustard's Last Stand and plotting the same fate for one of the servers.  If you see these men, approach only if bearing chocolate.
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I daren't go into the kitchen.
Two radio controlled daleks and a K-9 are battling for control of the brussel sprouts.
And that's just the adults at play...
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I will eat an entire big bag of Revels and sod the increased blood sugar.  And later on enjoy rhubarb pie and ice cream.

It's been a pig of a year.  Indulge me.


Mar. 18th, 2006 06:25 am
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A certain ginger-furred, fierce eyebrowed individual has got a birthday today...

Happy Birthday, [profile] (hugs, nuzzles and growlings!)
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...sang two hairy bears walking down Queen Street in Cardiff at around one o'clock this morning.  If you know these two bears, please don't call the police.  Just give them chocolate.
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Urf, back to work today (but only for today). Xmas was a blur of good food, good wine and a lot of laughter. Boxing Day, I awoke at 1030 (most unusual for me!) feeling disturbingly chipper. Went for a walk up to the town center and was suprised to see most of the major chains were open for their January Sales.
It took ages to get home yesterday; there were problems with the trains up towards London. Ended up taking a coach to Barnham (free of charge) then picking up a train back to Portsmouth.
Favorite present? A teddy bear from Karen and Keith with a bag of milk chocolate balls and a note saying "A bear whose balls you can lick without getting arrested..." Hmmm...
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If in doubt, always refer to the comfort foodie within.
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So, 18 hours into my Swedish sojourn and what have I learnt...?

Cow and Chicken have been translated into Swedish.
Mid evening Finnish television invariably decends into vast quantities of people waltzing for no good reason. Go figure.
The chocolate cafe on the main square of the Gamla Stan does excellent hot chocolate.

A reasonable start. Now off to shop...
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And so, my few days in the Rhins of Galloway ended with a 2 1/2 hour trip to Glasgow Airport to catch my flight home... to find a semi-naked [livejournal.com profile] rock_bear  plastering filler into the walls of my bathroom.  I'm not sure whether he was ready for all my protesting and kvetching as he coaxed me into *shock* *horror* manual labour!

Danger! Koala at work! )

Anyway, we got through the process without killing each other, thanks to the miracle of chocolate.  Still a few bits of grouting, painting, varnishing and filling to do yet, and I'll post a pic when it's almost done.  Russ left this morning while I was at work, heading up to London to drool over an exhibition about Hells Angels...

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Grrr.  I am currently removing tiles from my bathroom.  Armed with a chisel, a mallet, a hammer, a pair of goggles and very little else, I have managed to get some of the tiles off the wall.  The rest seem to have been super-glued, as for each tile I lever off, a huge chunk of plasterboard comes away with it.  So, I'm left with a huge amount of bare plasterboard crumbling above my sink, which aint pretty.

Russ has called and offered calming words to stressed koalas, but this calls for more drastic measures.  Chocolate, and lots of it.

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Doc confirmed it is an infection and prescribed antibiotic tablets and drops. So, now all I have to do is do what I do best on these occasions.

Lie on the sofa (with plenty of chocolate of course) and feel sorry for myself...!
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After a slightly frustrating week, Saturday arrives with me throwing a weekend bag together and heading off into town to have my highlights touched up, fur maintained and then a trip up to Nottingham for the weekend. So, I spend the obligatory 45 minutes sat in the chair with a copy of "To Kill A Mockingbird" with my hair full of Baco-Foil. Ah, as might be heard from Slough, such things we do in the name of vanity!

Trip up to Nottingham uneventful; mooched round for a couple of hours as Russ ([livejournal.com profile] rock_bear) wasn't finishing work until six. Back to the flat for pancakes, then the arrival of Michelle, longtime friend of Russ's and one of those "I've heard so much about you" people. This is not a bad thing - it can just be a disappointment when the person does not live up to the hype. This was not the case, after a couple of pleasurable hours knocking back Gin and Tonic and exchanging banter, wit and showtunes proved. We parted ways around half ten, Michelle disappearing off, waving regally from the back of a taxi. Russ and I meanwhile headed to Rock City for the Saturday night ritual of sitting in The Rig and watching the talent, exchanging the occasional "Woof!" A couple of punkettes decided they wanted pictures with Russ and I, along with a satsuma. They did not have any lighting flex or black plastic refuse bags with them, so I concluded that they were not members of the Tory party...

Sunday morning was mainly snuggling in bed with Russ. "I was thinking about buggering you senseless, but then I thought about crumpets" he exclaimed at one point. Honestly, that boy gets so easily distracted...! Lunch at the Poacher and then back on the train south after a theraputic weekend...
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...they bought me two chocolate bears for Christmas...!!
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...safe and well, if a little flu ridden, to his native land. I had a rather bunged up conversation with him on the phone at about 1am this morning. Sounds like he had a good time. I think he has a lot of travellers tales to tell me.

And, yes, someone did walk up to him offering chocolate as a result of my original posting. Ah, the power of the internet...


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