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Yesterday, as I was out and about, I noticed the number of motorbikes out on the road, and it was difficult not to feel a searing rise of envy...
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I've had several bikes on and off over the years, but had to give them up for one thing or another - mainly the fact that I am hopeless with a set of spanners and the concept of regular maintenance.  But once you are dressed up in your leathers or wet weather gear, helmet and boots, you become a biker regardless.  However, I have a feeling the aura may still linger with me - I was walking up Goosegate this morning as a biker was manoeuvering his bike into position.  As I passed, we looked at each other.  He nodded.  I nodded.  No words were exchanged.

Well, it was either that or he was cruising me!!!
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natal felicitations to [profile] beastbriskett!!
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...clicky below!

Ho'way the lads!


Jun. 10th, 2007 12:36 pm
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Having one of those days today.  Constant reminders of things I can't do any more; won't be able to do in the near future if at all...

And I'm not sure if anyone can understand those feelings.
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Took a trip out to Matlock Baths on Sunday to see if the rumors were true about the number of bikers that congregate there on any given warm Sunday.  They are.

The town is virtually filled with the heady aroma of warm leather, hot tires, chip vinegar and sweaty biker.  And plenty of window shopping.

Case closed, m'lud.
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Last night was Hairy Bikers night at the local bookstore.  They did a good hour-long chat to the audience of about a hundred, then, despite the usual "we could talk all night", they were ushered out to the obligatory signing.  And as always, they were genuinely pleased to see everybody, which meant that queuing took a while, especially as I was at the end of the queue.  As I approached Dave, there was a cry of "Aha!  The famous koala!"  I was quite touched that they seemed genuinely concerned about my redundancy; to prove my new found fame, my copy of the latest book was signed thus:-

With a parting hope to "see you next year", I headed off down the escalator, then realised that I had not had the obligatory photograph.  So, since I had never done it before, much to the amusement of the Hairies and the horror of the bookstore staff, I ran up the down escalator.  Which explains why I am a little red in this picture...

Here's to more cookin' and bikin' and travellin'!!!
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After yesterday morning's despair fest, I had an interview with a local temp agency in the afternoon.  Subject to an interview on Monday, it looks like I will have 2-3 months of contract work starting Tuesday.  With my nemesis, the Driving Standards Agency...!!!  It's Civil Service work, which if a permanent post is offered could lead to re-enstatement and the possibility of regaining my 30 days vacation that I would be entitled to had I remained in the Civil Service.  Which is good.  If it happens.  Still, it exists as a possibility and I'm going to cling on to it!!!

Also, last night, had a dream about working with the Hairy Bikers, which included demonstrating a blow-job using a popsicle and Si giving Dave a full French kiss...  in my dreams, buddy boy!!!
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They're back tonight BBC2 8pm.
And hopefully soon on BBC America...?
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Sometimes, I wish I'd had more patience and kept my bike longer... but I wasn't using it enough. And now I'm suffering from bike envy... 
ye iron horse 
Sigh. Oh well...
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Two weeks ago, I was dribbling over a copy of the Hairy Bikers Cookbook.  And not over the recipies.  I  found out that they would be at a bookshop signing in Portsmouth today.  And so, I queued to get my copy signed, pay homage and discuss Lutfisk.
Hairy Bikers and a Koala

I phoned [profile] rock_bear.  "What do you mean, you didn't discuss haemerroids and prosthetics with them???"  Battered by a nasty case of telephonic Fierce Eyebrows, I beat a hasty retreat back into the shop and thrust the phone in to Dave's hand.  "I'm being growled at...Talk to the bear!"  And so two slightly confused Hairy Bikers got the full [profile] rock_bear experience.  Without a side order of eyebrows.

P.S.  And they are even cuter in real life...
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So, the dirty deed is done. I am once again without transport - little beastie was seen puttering off in the direction of Reading with a very daddy beary gentleman owner. At least it's gone to a good home.
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So... the last ten days. Weekend before this was a long weekend starting on the Thursday when I met Russ over in Brighton when Rocky was in town. Did the usual stuff, breakfast, lunch and coffee, wandered around and ate chocolate cake. Oh and Russ desparately tried to persuade me not to sell the motorbike.

Friday - met up with Bob and Fred at Greenwich. As a keen astronomer, the observatory was the place to visit for Bob. Met up with Stuart later and headed over to the Kings Arms for the BearHug meet, where we were largely ignored, thus proving to Bob that British bears are much the same as their Boston counterparts.

Saturday - mosied back home slowly; the route from Victoria to Portsmouth, for some reason, is a lot more pleasing than the route from Waterloo, despite being about 40 minutes longer.

Stuart came round for dinner Tuesday night; now that he's no longer with Richard, this could happen more often - I think Richard seemed to me to be a bit wary of Stuart's excursions. Nothing went on when he was down here, but from what Stuart has told me...

Spoke to Douglas Friday night, I miss him so much.

Yesterday - day trip to France. Excellent meal of a Lamb Tagine followed by some chocolate confection(!) Picked up the usual stuff you can't get at home in the hypermarket.

And that's it. Boring day today - which will inevitably start with good intentions and fail miserably. Oh well...


Feb. 24th, 2003 06:58 pm
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Nothing in life is simple today. I try to get a battery for the bike today - nobody knows what battery the 2002 model requires. Guess it is compulsory to be organised and have the owners manual at all times, and not even attempt anything like this on a whim.
Tried to get a prescription dispensed. Tried two pharmacies on Saturday - one of which did not dispense on the premises, and the other didn't keep the drug because none of the local physicians prescribed it. Fair enough; it was a small, local pharmacy. Tried two branches of Boots today (= CVS/Walgreens) - neither store held it in their dispensaries. Finally, I went to my local pharmacy; they didn't have it, but I was so fed up with chasing around, I accepted their offer to order it for me so that I would have it tomorrow.
On a plus point, I got to growl at Beaker and Russ today. And the other Russ.
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Beastie go koff koff splutter.

Beastie need a new battery.



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