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It would have been Beast's birthday today.  And of course, once my brain has gone down that train of thought, I think of Russ too and gave a little growl.  The world is a richer place for them having been here.  But still missed dreadfully.
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...happened to me on the way back from the cinema.  A group of teenagers passed me, and as they passed one of them shouted "Oi, mate you look like a teacher!"  For some reason I turned laughing and said "A teacher?  If only my life was that exciting!"  It amused me all the way to the bus stop.

And got me thinking.  I might be merely a public servant, but I have had an exciting life... leastways, there's been plenty of sex in the last twelve years...

And there's still life in the old dog yet - it's just that the pause button is set for the moment.
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...maybe it's time to make tea, not war?
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It still affects me.  The tour of "Treasure Island" that Russ was due to be on was in Nottingham until yesterday.  I went to the theatre to pick up copies of the programme for [profile] madamemish and myself; there was a tribute, albeit brief, to Russ on the front page.  It brought a swell of emotion up through me and as I walked through the city, I saw Russ's haunts everywhere.  Not bad, for a city that he actually disliked living in for nigh on 20 years. 

But I'm still here and I try to move on; battered and bloodied that I still feel.  I still hurt from not being able to see all the people I'd like to in the US - with the world economy going to hell in a handcart, it becomes depressingly less likely.  I can't cut off completely; there's too much love out there to lose.  I just need someone closer to home - or some minor miracle.  Miracles don't happen, so the other option is the one I have to explore.  Right now, I feel very much aligned with the Doctor - a huge "family" out there but still alone...

There may be changes afoot; I'm trying for a number of opportunities at work which may mean I move again.  Or I may not.  It's in the lap of the gods and my pessimism indicates that I will continue at the same grade, living out of a room in the 'burbs for the foreseeable future.

Or I may not.  That's the joy of the future and the curse of the future.  Nobody knows.


Mar. 16th, 2007 02:34 pm
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...the number of boxes filled increases; the number of cupboards emptied goes up.   There is so much dust in the air right now, I have to break off for sneezing fits.  I think I have my backup plan sorted, but I'm not sure.  My ex-boss Carole is helping me shift some garbage to the tip on Sunday and thinks she might be able to persuade her husband to assist with a van.  But I think I'm getting there.

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Black tea 'soothes away stress'.

Tea 'healthier' drink than water.

Milk and sugar?  Or just lemon?  I'll get the kettle on...


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