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Saturday saw a rare treat - leaving the confines of the West Midlands and heading down to the big smoke that is London. Karen ([info]karendunn) organised tickets to "Proms In The Park" which is an event for the masses to celebrate "The Last Night of the Proms".

I should explain.

"The Last Night of the Proms" is a great British institution where for one evening in September, we are allowed to be patriotic and sing songs such as "Rule, Britannia!", "Jerusalem", "Land of Hope and Glory" and "God Save The Queen".  There is much waving of flags and general exuberance.   Alas, places for the actual "Last Night" at the Royal Albert Hall are rationed, so Good Old Auntie Beeb has, in recent years, organised a series of outdoor events called "Proms In The Park" throughout the country, which culminate in a link up with the Royal Albert Hall for the second half of the concert.  We were in Hyde Park, London, along with about 40,000 other souls, spending an afternoon picnicking and drinking Pimms and Lemonade.  And there was much waving of flags.

However, I think I enjoyed "Music For The Royal Fireworks" (Handel), performed with accompanying fireworks, the most.  I am rather fond of a bit of George Frederic and I understand that performances with fireworks tend to be somewhat rare.

Alas, I did not stay over for the "Thank You For The Music" concert the following night; heard it on the radio, but it would have been nice to have been there...
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...mentally speaking, that is.
Having come off the Venlafaxine with the help of my GP, having come to an un-easy truce with the events of the last three years or so, having discovered new strengths within me, progress has definitely been made.

Despite going to the GP last week to sort out my sleep problem, namely the vivid and weird dreams I've been getting, which I have started getting again and getting a prescription for sleeping pills, I have found that after a few days, the pills get less and less effective and the dreams are coming back.  I will most likely try and ring the medical center for an appointment to discuss the next course of action.

I went to Birmingham Pride on Saturday and made some very useful connections; I discovered that there are gay mens groups in both Dudley and Wolverhampton - the Dudley group meets monthly and the next meeting is while I am at The Summer Good Food Show on June 13th.  The Wolverhampton group meets weekly on a Monday night (except Bank Holidays, which is why I am not going to head over there tonight.

So, progress.  Still stuff to do though...


Feb. 22nd, 2009 11:59 am
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Went to the Bear Sauna over at Darlaston yesterday; partially to try and "pull"; partially to see what the sauna was like there and partially I needed to sauna and steam and linger in a spa bath.  Well, on the pulling front, I didn't score apart from advances from a rather too skinny and shaved twink whom I politely declined.  However, I like the facilities - a small swimming pool with a waterfall and a cavern behind; plenty of darkrooms and glory hole rooms; a nice conservatory and sun deck.  Altogether a much more gentleman's club-by atmosphere, and defintely somewhere to pass a rare summers day!!!
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It appears I have been co-opted to the Nottingham Pride 2008 committee.  As [profile] madamemish's henchperson.  Grrr...   Tremble with fear, mortals...! 
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I find American diners evocative.  Whether it be Gunther Toody's in Denver, the small railway car diner in Cambridge MA or The Broadway Cafe, just around the corner (well, sort-of) from La Casa de los Osos Locos and one time home of Mr. Paul Brown's ([personal profile] bigredpaul) Pie Ceremony.  I suppose it's seeing too many movies and TV programmes that feature diners.  They just seem to represent a part of The Great American Idyll...

Last night, while I was with the bears at a diner on 4th. Ave, I placed my order and Kevin ([profile] sonoranbear) commented that I ordered like a pro.

"Yeh," I replied, "I've seen the movies..."
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The pseudo silk kimono in question sits on the back of my chair.  It was a present from Richard and Merlin last Christmas.  I wear it around the house when I can't be bothered with too many clothes.  It has a certain faded elegance and feels sublime.  It's one of the comforters, along with Atilla and Ghengis, that keep me on the straight and narrow at the moment.  That and Efexor...

I know I'm going through a bit of an "Eeyore" phase at the moment; it could be the fact that it is now over a year since EDS and I parted company.  I don't miss the job; I miss the money.  Which strikes me as a horribly capitalist thing to say.  Even so, some good has come out of it.  I now live in a city that has more going for it.  Sorry, [profile] rock_bear, but it does.  There's far more interesting stuff going on in Nottingham than Portsmouth; decent art centres and theatres that are thriving.  Okay, I need to get out more; one problem with my depression at the moment is that it is difficult to get off my arse and go out of an evening; that may soon change.  I'm starting to get some inspiration of things to do; all I need to do is get back my get-up-and-go...
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...gimme a call (or add a reply if you've lost my number!)


Jan. 11th, 2007 02:37 pm
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[personal profile] pink_halen Ron and myself arrived safely in Tucson.  More when I've finished nibbling on bears.
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HAPPY NEW YEAR!  (from the eyebrows as well...!)
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Spent the day in London, making sure Alex ( [personal profile] darke) was settled in and orientated.  Seems he's gotten used to travelling on the underground and appears to have "gone native".  Apart from occasional exclamations of pleasure about the British rain...!
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"Oooh, I hope there are lots of pictures of me!!!"

...under the clicky! )

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Flew up to Newcastle on Saturday morning (after the office shindig the night before) ostencibly to assist [livejournal.com profile] rock_bear in moving his stuff from the end of the tour of "Tom's Midnight Garden", ready to start his two month stint on "The Jungle Book" in Birmingham.  Ended up helping to break down the performance after the last show (eeek!!! First flirtation with theatre work in years!!!)  Two tired bears headed back to the hotel and had breakfast in bed and a nice lie-in the next day before hitting the train for the trip south to Birmingham.  We got to the hotel in Birmingham about 4pm.  Spent the evening wandering around the German Christmas Market (complete with cute stall-holder bears), had some dinner and then headed out to the local bear bar, The Fountain for a little, ah, sight-seeing.

Yesterday, a little shopping, trying to find a gift for MissMish, so we hit Selfridges and Harvey Nichols searching for "Things, dahling... things!!!"  Alas, inspiration was missing so a box of Thornton's choccies were purchased.  Late breakfast / early lunch was taken in a food court full of children running around and getting under peoples feet, thus bringing to mind thoughts of infanticide.  Headed on to the Old Rep where Russ was introduced to the cast, and the DSM came bounding into the wardrobe while he was out, thrusting out a hand


"Er...no... koala, actually...!"

Saw the play; it was okay, if a little naff in places, but there was a cute bear in the cast.  Turns out he's a bit of a prima donna.  Not sure how long that will last with Russ around... ;-{)}  Met up with MissMish for drinkies, dinner and conversation, which was pleasant, as neither Russ or I had seen Michelle for a few months.

And so, today I caught the train back home, with a rather forlorn looking Bear clutching a floppy koala that I bought in Newcastle, who should be currently sat keeping an eye on Russ for me for the next two months...

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And so, for my first evening of practicing to be part of the furrrniture at the Old Vic. Roisin, mine host, enquiring where Russ was etcetera etcetera. And a rather inebriated Scot who thought he could get into this bear's Marks and Sparks finest.

I've got this horrible feeling I'm getting fussy.
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Back to Thursday; bumped into Larry and Dennis who had managed to escape the snows of Boston, and made arrangements to shop for essentials (Mountain Dew, Mountain Dew and... Mountain Dew!!!) Much pottering around and doing very little apart from pottering around the swimmiing pool.

Friday - took a walk to El Con Mall. Dead as a dodo - only a J C Penney and another department store. Picked up some shirts in the sale and shuffled back to the hotel to be enthustastically greeted by Rob [livejournal.com profile] robearal and Al [livejournal.com profile] albadger. And introduced myself to Mike [livejournal.com profile] progbear with the words "You come highly recommended by [livejournal.com profile] rockbear!" Well, I thought it was a good recomendation! Luncheon was suggested by the Badger, so we trooped off in his nifty little convertible to a rather more alive mall with a huge food court where we were greeted by a hungry [livejournal.com profile] urso. More shopping followed including a slightly disturbing game store selling "Pokethulu"... eeeewww!!!

A cinema trip was proposed; so we headed off to The Loft for a matinee performance of Bubba Hotep; an everyday tale of supposedly deceased Kings of Rock and Presidents combating vengeful soul-sucking mummies in a nursing home in Texas. And afterwards, a second hand bookshop, where I left with a pile of Bloom County books...

Supper round the pool and desparate attempts to get a shag rounded off the day.

Saturday - Missed the tour I originally wanted to go on, and the other tour I ended up on, we got to the location around 10:30 to find it didn't open until 12:00. Oh well, thinks I, spend time in the pool. So I did, bumping into Mike and was introduced to Clifford from Utah. The three of us then produced to produce what could only be described as a "floor show" in the swimming pool, emerging looking somewhat like Sunsweet Prunes.

Pinata, bear contests, got chatting, damn, I was supposed to be going to Rocky Horror at 23:30 grrrrrr....!!!!

Sunday - Rang [livejournal.com profile] wyndwyck to let him know I hadn't forgotten him - I think he'd been in serious la-la land the last few days, what with the heavy duty painkillers he'd been taking. Arranged to call on Monday to make arrangements to visit. Went on the Kitchy Tour of Tucson, taking in the Snake Bridge, Garden of Gethsemane amongst other spots, finishing with burritos in the middle of nowhere. Got back and met up with Al, Clifford and Mike.

Was finally admitted into the fraternity of the Cyber-Amish, or whatever. I'm not quite sure what the good citizens of Tucson made of about 150 large hairy men in candle-lit procession chanting "Pie is baked... Pie is eaten... Pie will come again" from the hotel to the Broadway Cafe. Anyway, much pie was consumed, much to the bemusement of the other customers of the cafe.

Monday - much saying of goodbye, waffles and lunching. Got a spare room key so that Rob could move his stuff out of Al's room. Got back from the Adios Amigos lunch, and rang Paul [livejournal.com profile] wyndwyck. Managed to get through to his friend who swung by the hotel and picked Rob and I up, as apparently Paul was snoozing. Anyway, we got over to the house to be greeted by a very surprised satyr! Spent the afternoon chatting and catching up and dining - alas, missed saying goodbye to Al.

Got back to the hotel; too quiet! Most people had checked out or gone off for dinner.

Tuesday - Said goodbye to Rob at the airport and headed off back to the mean streets of Gosport...
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After much running around the UK with Douglas, here I am alone again, albeit in Tucson AZ. Kind of wierd not having someone else in the bed. Anyway, rewind to Tuesday...

It took a superhuman effort to finally get out of the house to get on the train to get to the hotel at Gatwick Airport. Eventually, we hauled our furry little butts away from the coast and, for one of us, a reluctant journey home. It was a restless night for me, finally giving up on the concept of sleep around 03:30 GMT - ick!!! We got to the airport at 08:00 and got checked in - guess who got pulled over for a random baggage search! Flight to DFW was on time; no problems, apart from the fact that I tried to doze off on the plane, but couldn't as I had forgotten my eyeshades. Arrived DFW around 14:00 CST - no probs with Immigration and Customs. And made fond farewells as our planes were about 5 gates and 10 minutes apart.

Flight to Tucson a little turbulent, but was greeted by Steve (aka BrobearAZ) and a surprise attack by [livejournal.com profile] lostncove, along with a much appreciated Christmas card! I'm not even going to count how many hours I'd been awake by this poiint.

Stopped by La Casa de los Osos Locos thence the hotel where I re-humanised in the shower and met up again with Steve, Randy and Kevin ([livejournal.com profile] sonoranbear) and headed off to Bear Coffee at the Rainbow Coffee House (mmm... bears; mmmm... COFFEE!!!) And pizza. Wackys and Koalas love pizza. Finally, at a party at a party, I started to flag.

Unfortunately, the sleep thing still isn't happening for me; I think I only got about 4 - 5 hours sleep - I think there's going to be some serious snoozing this afternoon.


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