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One thing the ex asked me was "Was there somebody else?"  There wasn't, which disappointed him; I suspect he wanted something concrete to hang the end of the relationship on.  There wasn't for two reasons - one, I couldn't do it to him, two, there was just no way logistically from a village that only had one bus an hour on weekdays and Saturdays; nothing at all on a Sunday.  No way of sneaking out covertly to visit a scarlet gentleman, so to speak ;)

Going forward, I find myself asking all sorts of questions about what I want from a relationship.  I certainly don't want to rush into something, unless my gut feeling tells me it is right.  My gut feeling didn't last time.  Should I go for a relationship where we live separately?  We need to communicate better.  I need to learn to communicate better.  But Mr. Rafferty says it best...
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I am at a loss.  I just don't get it.  And I certainly want 2016 to be over.  What has happened to the UK and the US?  I certainly don't understand my own country any more and as for trying to understand our larger neighbour to the west, which I thought I was starting to...

The Trump talks of reconcilliation, whilst appointing a whole stream of right wing nutjobs into seemingly powerful positions, and pouting and posturing when someone has the audacity to call his running mate on his ultra white christian, gay hating beliefs.  I thought it was done with love and respect but the perma-tanned ferret thinks otherwise.

I hear conflicting stories as to what the new administration can/can't to to the hard fought LGBT* rights brought in by President Obama.  Could the USA even go as far as some Middle Eastern countries and introduce a gay test at the borders?  Yes, it sounds ridiculous but frankly, I wouldn't put it past someone like Mike Pence.

I just don't know what to think any more.
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I often worry...

...but you knew that already...

... that when I meet someone for the first time, I tend to let out a lot of information about myself.  Met a guy in person for the first time today, had a great time.  But still felt I said more than he did.

Still, he wants to meet me again, so I can't have done that bad...!
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From [livejournal.com profile] maxauburn :-

If The Doctor were real, and not a fictional character, and you could be his assistant, which Doctor would you want to travel the universe with?

Hmmm...  much as my favorite Doctor is Jon Pertwee, I think experiencing the sheer joy and exuberance of travelling with Tom Baker would have to win.

Remember, you have until March 31st. so ask away!
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Like a lemming to a cliff, it's March so ask any question...!

Anonymous questions screened.


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