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2013-08-10 16-54-54.513
New reading spec-a-tacles.  Apparently, I now need distance glasses too.  Yukkk...
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If you were wondering where [livejournal.com profile] marmtx has been lately,

Well, today he was in Leicester!
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So, Friday was my birthday surprise from Best Beloved.  I had no idea where we were going when we started out - heading towards the M6 - that could mean north or south.  We headed north.  Initially.  Oooh, the Lake District or the very south of Scotland thinks I.  Nope.  We turn west on to the M54, then switched to the A5.  "You'll never guess!" he grinned.

Eventually, we got to Porthmadog on the west coast of Wales and he revealed his plans.  Apparently, he had already planned this trip when he asked me where in the UK I wanted still to visit.  And was pleased when I said that this area was one I wanted to explore.  So explore we did.  Okay, so finding an evening meal was a little difficult out of season, and a lot of attractions had that faded winter closure about it, but we explored.  Including a trip to Portmeirion.  Mode of transport was less than conventional...

We spent the rest of the time driving up and down the coast, visiting villages with more than their fair share of consonants in their name.  And, natrually, we had to visit...
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Göteborg, Canal.

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Five minutes up the road from my sister's house...
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My contribution to National Beard Month.  Yup, it's a bit yellow but that's what you get for using an old webcam...
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They're at it again...

Calendar Girls Strike A Pose 1940's Style.

Somebody call Helen Mirren's agent!!!

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Does this make me look American?  Was talking to Dael, a co-worker and local bear who happened to comment that certain pictures on my profile make me look American.  So, I'm curious...
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The Victoria Centre, (sometime) home of the infamous [profile] rock_bear...
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The Sneinton Homestead.
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One for [profile] beastbriskett...

...and one for [personal profile] profundis.


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