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I decided I was going to get myself a tablet, so the plan was to go to John Lewis in Leicester on Saturday to review what they had and possibly make a purchase.  I tend to trust John Lewis staff (or colleagues - the chain is run much like a co-operative) know what they are talking about when they give advice.  Unfortunately, the English Defence League were having a demonstration in the city center and Best Beloved forbade me from traveling there.

So, instead, made a trip out to Nottingham instead.  I still miss Nottingham - I moved away about 4 years ago now.  I know that a lot of places around there have memories of [livejournal.com profile] rock_bear but there are loads of memories I created for myself there.  None the less, as I entered the Victoria Centre, I gave a growl of supplication.  The John Lewis in Nottingham had got tablets in stock and, even better, the cute furry salesman who has been there years and, I think, sold me a camera once.

Only problem is, stayed up late last night playing with new toy.  Oh well, will just have to sleep on the coach this morning as I head down to The Smoke to meet [livejournal.com profile] albadger...
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So, yesterday, I went back to Nottingham for the first time in 4 months, to meet [livejournal.com profile] madamemish for coffee and to help a former colleague move into his new apartment..  I got off the train and noticed that the office I used to work in was open to register new claims, so I went over.  It was strange going back to a place that was part of my daily life for a year or so and see how much had changed; one of my managers had got promotion and would be taking over as Jobcentre manager at one of the other city offices.

I had expected that I would be able to linger over coffee with Mish, but as I got to Starbucks, I got a text from my friend saying that they had left Newark.   Whilst I was sat with Mish, I got another text to say that they had arrived.  We had enough time to catch up with the essentials, then I had to dash off and assist with removal duties.  Turns out that, once we had everything unloaded, my friend announced that he was now dating another long time friend of mine, Stuart, who was up helping move and lives on the South Coast.  Ironically, it didn't come as much of a surprise as they have a similar (evil) sense of humor...!

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So, the reduction in the brain candy continues.  I'm at the 75mg one day, 37.5mg the next.  Down to 37.5mg on Thursday.  Not experiencing many problems, although today feeling a little sluggish.  Was supposed to be going to Bear Sauna today, but had a runny bottom during the night, so don't really want to risk it.

But life really isn't helped by a phone call from the old house about the gas and electricity that I thought I'd left sorted out.  It seems that the price increases have been such that I still owe nearly £100 for power used November to January.  Urf.  Why do I bother even thinking of trying to save for anything?  Some bugger invariably comes along and pulls the rug from under me.
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December speeds on.  And in a month or so I will no longer be living in Nottingham.  My promotion is confirmed - I start at the Jobcentre in Smethwick on January 12th., which means scrabbling for a room to move into around the 10th. for 6 months or so.  Next weekend, I'm going over there to follow up some leads from putting ads on a few sites on the internet; one of which I hope to be positive.  Then, down to Crawley to spend Christmas with Karen ([livejournal.com profile] karendunn ) and Keith, returning for the new year and probably a whole host of tidying and packing(!)

Interesting times...

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Was watching a line up for a Wales Rugby match recently and saw this face:-
Woof!  Suddenly I'm all daffodils and leeks (and about time too [livejournal.com profile] brainlessangel is probably thinking.)  He's probably straight as they come, but it looks like I shall be singing Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau with fervor in future...

Meanwhile, I have discovered Ice Hockey (yes, I know it's been around ages, but I bumped into this large building marked "Trent FM Arena" one day...) and went to see the Nottingham Panthers (Go Panthers!!!) win 6-3 over the Newcastle Vipers.  I think I can get into this crowd mentality thing...

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I seem to have some sort of idea of my current strategy regarding the next year or so.  I currently have about five different promotion applications in process; I have an interview for one on Thursday and another on Monday.  Still waiting on the rest.  If I get a promotion; if it means moving, so be it.  At the moment, I am living out of one room and can easily up-sticks and go.   I can then get all my stuff moved up from out of store (hopefully) in one foul swoop.  There's probably less of a hold for me here, post [profile] rock_bear.  If I don't get the promotion; the plan is to keep plugging away at the Council housing register and promotion moves onto a slower burner.  Either way, I hope to be moved forwards in some sense by mid next year.

Wow.  That's scary.  A plan at last.
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Arrived at the Arboretum around 7.30 in the morning to find a somewhat frazzled Nina who had been there since 6 am, to find that the contractors had only delivered double stalls when we needed a mixture.  Fortunately, with a little tactical juggling, Nina re-drew the map and the contractors started to assemble the stalls.  As is their want, stallholders arrived an hour earlier than they were told and were sent down to us sort out.  Finally, after much cursing and grumbling from Nina and myself, the stalls were in place.

Then, the event started.  Much larger than last year; many, many more people than the 1200 predicted.  Fortunately, the beer tents held out as did the caterers.  The weather kept it's promise and did not rain on our parade.   Except, we don't have a parade in Nottingham, but you get the picture.  Unfortunately, I spent most of the afternoon flat on my back as my spine was playing up and I was nowhere near any decent painkillers apart from the can of John Smith's Yorkshire Bitter that Beastie managed to find me.

Beastie shows off the T-Shirts in memory of [profile] rock_bear.

[profile] madamemish's parents were looking for her; they approached Beastie, and I understand the conversation went something like this:-

MM Parents : Have you seen Michelle?
Beastie : There's a tent full of firemen and a TV film crew - where do you think she is?

The Bandstand - site of main activities

One for the Furries!
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Okay, this is a bit of a long shot but if anyone reading this knows anyone who might be looking for a room to move into in Nottingham, we currently have two empty rooms in the Sneinton Homestead.

Room One is on the ground floor and is the smaller of the two; Room Two is on the first floor and is larger.  I'm not sure what the monthly rent is, but I think the smaller of the two is around £250 per month including wireless broadband, water and council tax.  Electric and gas is £22.50 - £30 depending on how many are living in the house.  Shared use of lounge, kitchen and bathroom.  Current occupants do not bite unless asked.

Location is five minutes drive from the city center or about twenty walking.  Handy for Nottingham Trent University; easy drive to University of Nottingham, Queens Medical Center and Nottingham City Hospital.  Also drivable to Derby, Leicester, Chesterfield and Loughborough.

Contact me by e-mail if you know anyone who may be interested and I'll put them in contact with our landlord's agent.
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Some may consider this a rather delicate subject, but what the hey, why mince words?  I am going through the motions to see if I am eligible to become a sperm donor.  My first introduction to the Andrology Laboratory at the Queens Medical Center and its facilities were less than impressive.  I was interviewed by one of the staff, given a plastic pot and asked to go into "the other room" to produce a specimen.  To be honest, the room provided was less than, shall we say, helpful.  There was a toilet, a sink, a chair which was covered with a long paper towel, a waste paper bin and a box of gentleman's magazines.  Not magazines of gentlemen.  Alas, thinks I, it's down to the old imagination.  So, I try to get comfortable and take matters into hand.  It took a bit of contortion to get into the right position to eventually aim a sample into the pot. 

The results came back quite quickly; apparently I have plenty of little sperms and they respond well to being frozen.  So now I have a medical to go through just to find out that there are no nasty hidden genetic defects lurking within and then a counselling session.
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And finally, after what seems like an eternity of begging internet time off my roomie, I have my old PC back out of store and up and running.  It involved bribery and corruption of sorts; mind you, in the end Adam was quite willing to drive down to Portsmouth as it gave him an opportunity to get used to driving a van for when he moves his stuff up from Cambridge.  And I bought him an awful lot of fried chicken.

There's other stuff to write about, but I'll do that in separate posts.
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Well, sort of. I am currently borrowing some internet from one of my roomies, Adam, who inhabits the roof of The Sneinton Homestead. He has the biggest room of the house; having a neat little enclave for the computer. I have a definite desire to nab this room if Adam moves on as there is tons of storage space in it, and I could probably cut down the amount of storage I use in Portsmouth which would cover the increased rent.

But I digress.

"What" I hear you cry "has our lovable koala friend been up to this past two weeks?" Well you may ask. Apart from the day to day listening to the troubles of the unemployed of the great burgh that is Nottingham. Well, I have been getting involved with Nottingham Pride with Michelle. It seems that I could well be providing some voice work for the event to give some sort of gravitas and continuity. Gravitas? Me? Hmmm...

Still, it seems that Madame and myself are to be involved in co-ordinating the stalls in the Arboretum, where the event is to be held. Along with extorting prizes from celebrities and local companies. I haven't quite got the knack of extortion yet, but I'm sure it will come eventually.
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It appears I have been co-opted to the Nottingham Pride 2008 committee.  As [profile] madamemish's henchperson.  Grrr...   Tremble with fear, mortals...! 
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We just had ourselves an earthquake in Nottingham.

BBC News
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Remember the face in the crowd from last week?  It happened again today.  This time, I saw him heading through Sneinton Market.  I tried to follow, but he disappeared into the Victoria Swimming Baths.  Had I been taking the advice of The Eyebrows, I would have had my swimming kit with me.  However, I was feeling pretty crap from not sleeping properly and feeling a bit flu-y...
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The pseudo silk kimono in question sits on the back of my chair.  It was a present from Richard and Merlin last Christmas.  I wear it around the house when I can't be bothered with too many clothes.  It has a certain faded elegance and feels sublime.  It's one of the comforters, along with Atilla and Ghengis, that keep me on the straight and narrow at the moment.  That and Efexor...

I know I'm going through a bit of an "Eeyore" phase at the moment; it could be the fact that it is now over a year since EDS and I parted company.  I don't miss the job; I miss the money.  Which strikes me as a horribly capitalist thing to say.  Even so, some good has come out of it.  I now live in a city that has more going for it.  Sorry, [profile] rock_bear, but it does.  There's far more interesting stuff going on in Nottingham than Portsmouth; decent art centres and theatres that are thriving.  Okay, I need to get out more; one problem with my depression at the moment is that it is difficult to get off my arse and go out of an evening; that may soon change.  I'm starting to get some inspiration of things to do; all I need to do is get back my get-up-and-go...
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I could have seriously geeked out this weekend - UK Drama has been showing back to back episodes of Doctor Who.  But I have not indulged in such sloth.  Well, not much anyway - was up early yesterday to go to the local flea market, then headed up to IKEA for lunch.  Back into the city, there was a French market in the old market square, so rillettes and french bread for tea!

Today, caught the end of a William Hartnell episode, then it headed straight off to Colin Baker, so I did something constructive; I went upstairs and prepared letters and resumes for a mail shot to local government departments.  Into the city for lunch and some groceries.  And spending the afternoon watching the rain...
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A very excited [personal profile] elric_dewisant announced on his first visit to Nottingham that the city was getting the MAX.  At that time, about 3 1/2 years ago, the streets were being ripped up and tram lines put down.  MAX being the name of a similar system in Portland OR.  The second time he visited, they were testing the tram cars ready for opening the system in early 2004.  Now, the MAX or NET as it is officially called (Nottingham Express Transit) is a well established part of the city and part of my life as the stop at Basford is just over the road from where I am working at the moment.  I can't help but get a little thrill when the tram leaves the street at Wilkinson Street and moves onto dedicated track, accelerating.
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So, I venture out of the city center for a week to New Basford, where I am cat sitting for [profile] madamemish.  This works nicely, as the job I am working on is about 20-30 minutes walk from the house, so theoretically I don't need the bus.  Although, because of the bank holiday on Monday and the Council holiday on Tuesday, I only have to go in for 3 days next week.  One big plus of Le Boudoir de Missmish is WiFi.  Bliss!!!

Although, I have to be honest, I am a little concerned as to what the week may hold.  My erstwhile charge, Mad Frankie, has a habit of leaving little offerings for the alpha cat.

Oh well, spending most of the weekend looking for a suitable room to move into now that I am earning money and officially homeless now that the house in Gosport is sold.
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I still have no job.
All my stuff is in store in Portsmouth.
The house sale is slowly going through.
I no longer consider myself a resident of Gosport.

Some of these are positives (yay!) but the big negative is still there: I still have no job.  Some would argue that I am being too fussy, but I still have no concept of most of my abilities.  That and I see a job I like and there is the inevitable caveat "Full Driving Licence Required".  Yes, I could try and take my driving test again, but I know I will only fail it again.  My nerves will get the better of me.  Why keep throwing money at it?  I'd like something majorly good to happen - all the good stuff feels minor or all part of the plan.  But that would require luck.  And luck is not something I have...  And if I hear anybody say "You make your own luck" I reply "Nobody gave me the recipe!"
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After yesterday morning's despair fest, I had an interview with a local temp agency in the afternoon.  Subject to an interview on Monday, it looks like I will have 2-3 months of contract work starting Tuesday.  With my nemesis, the Driving Standards Agency...!!!  It's Civil Service work, which if a permanent post is offered could lead to re-enstatement and the possibility of regaining my 30 days vacation that I would be entitled to had I remained in the Civil Service.  Which is good.  If it happens.  Still, it exists as a possibility and I'm going to cling on to it!!!

Also, last night, had a dream about working with the Hairy Bikers, which included demonstrating a blow-job using a popsicle and Si giving Dave a full French kiss...  in my dreams, buddy boy!!!


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