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Eyes are powerful things. With me, just one look from certain pairs of eyes and I fall hopelessly into their power...
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I was stopped in the street yesterday and told that from a distance, I look like BRIAN BLESSED!
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... until I start in my new office.  Still feel like there is tons to pack and willpower (and my spine) is playing up... it'll get done somehow; it usually does.  Got 3 days off at the end of the month to sort the move out; getting quotes sorted out.  And planning a trip to Sweden in May to see little sis...
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...happened to me on the way back from the cinema.  A group of teenagers passed me, and as they passed one of them shouted "Oi, mate you look like a teacher!"  For some reason I turned laughing and said "A teacher?  If only my life was that exciting!"  It amused me all the way to the bus stop.

And got me thinking.  I might be merely a public servant, but I have had an exciting life... leastways, there's been plenty of sex in the last twelve years...

And there's still life in the old dog yet - it's just that the pause button is set for the moment.
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Bloody typical.
I mean, my frequent sojourns to the US have passed without remark; indeed, even my voice changes so that I attempt to blend into my surroundings.  However, my friends Karen and Keith went over to LA a couple of weeks ago - first time to the USA for both of them.  Their vacation began with attending Gallifrey - a Doctor Who convention - held at the LAX Marriott.  And what happens?  Keith manages to appear on national coast-to-coast television.  In the following clip from The Late Late Show, about 2'52"

The corpse.  Keith.
Oy gevalt.
(Okay, so my friend Jean gets her face on the screen as red-haired-fan-on-the far-right...)
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So, Friday was my birthday surprise from Best Beloved.  I had no idea where we were going when we started out - heading towards the M6 - that could mean north or south.  We headed north.  Initially.  Oooh, the Lake District or the very south of Scotland thinks I.  Nope.  We turn west on to the M54, then switched to the A5.  "You'll never guess!" he grinned.

Eventually, we got to Porthmadog on the west coast of Wales and he revealed his plans.  Apparently, he had already planned this trip when he asked me where in the UK I wanted still to visit.  And was pleased when I said that this area was one I wanted to explore.  So explore we did.  Okay, so finding an evening meal was a little difficult out of season, and a lot of attractions had that faded winter closure about it, but we explored.  Including a trip to Portmeirion.  Mode of transport was less than conventional...

We spent the rest of the time driving up and down the coast, visiting villages with more than their fair share of consonants in their name.  And, natrually, we had to visit...


Nov. 17th, 2010 08:50 am
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A Royal Wedding has been announced - venue to be announced.  It's hardly going to be Cheam Registry Office, is it?
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Seen in Birmingham yesterday, [livejournal.com profile] sskroeder .
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There was a new relief security guard in the office today; average size, short grey hair with a bald spot and a goatee.  He came over to me and introduced himself to me, asking if I was a biker.
"Ex-biker", I explained and we discussed bikes and eventually (surprise) the Hairy Bikers.  Later, my colleague (and self appointed Yenta) Amiee sidles over.
"You fancy him."
"I might..." I replied blushing slightly.
"I reckon there's an 82% chance he's gay," she responded.  82%?  Did she sit down with a calculator and work it out???  Anyway, later on in the day, during a subsequent conversation, he utters the "W" word.  I reported this back to Amiee, who was quite surprised.  Mohammed was listening in and snorted "Hah!  That doesn't mean anything!"
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So there's this guy.

He lives about an hours train ride from here and I've been corresponding online with him through Bearciti.  Been trying to sort out a meeting with him for over a month now; but, despite me being free most weekends, it seems not to be the case with him.  Parents seem to crop up as a reason which makes me suspect that he is not out to them.

But I likes the look of him and he of me, so I'm going to persist.
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Jan. 1st, 2010 12:42 pm
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2009 started well enough.  Promotion.  A new location.  A new flat, which eventually became all mine.
But still single.  Still feeling unfulfilled (don't know why.)
Hoping 2010 will be better for everyone.
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I have got my old bed re-assembled in the back bedroom, so I can now accept guests (who may wish to sleep away from my snoring). Guests who wish to snuggle with me have always been welcome...

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...today I had two BBC researchers visit my house for half an hour.

Watch this space.

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...screamed the e-mail.  About bloody time too, thinks I, and searches out the lube, various toys and a can of spray-on chocolate mousse.  Then I read further and found it was a mailing about his latest TV show.

Damn.  Oh well, I can dream...
Gratuitous JLC Pic

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Was watching a line up for a Wales Rugby match recently and saw this face:-
Woof!  Suddenly I'm all daffodils and leeks (and about time too [livejournal.com profile] brainlessangel is probably thinking.)  He's probably straight as they come, but it looks like I shall be singing Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau with fervor in future...

Meanwhile, I have discovered Ice Hockey (yes, I know it's been around ages, but I bumped into this large building marked "Trent FM Arena" one day...) and went to see the Nottingham Panthers (Go Panthers!!!) win 6-3 over the Newcastle Vipers.  I think I can get into this crowd mentality thing...

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...I just saw Princess Leia shopping in John Lewis.

And, no, I didn't have my camera with me.
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My cellphone rang while I was with a client this morning.  Fortunately, I keep my cellphone below desk level and well muffled.  However the vibrate feature was switched on - no I didn't get a cheap thrill.  I was able to ignore it and at lunch break, I found a message from a production company working for Sky Television (UK version of Fox but only on satellite.)  I eventually managed to get through and the conversation went something like this...

"I found your profile on the (name of website) and you look like the sort of guy who doesn't take himself too seriously"
"Er yes..."
"Well we're working on a programme and we'd like you to try and break a world record."
"We want to break the world record for most pairs of underpants worn."

Unfortunately, I work in a very public office and that sort of fame would be somewhat counterproductive.  So, I politely declined...
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Two unexpected letters last week; both from HR.  The first inviting me to an interview in Cannock as a result of an internal application.  Now, this was a surprise as when I made my first internal application, the feedback for the write-up of my competences was abysmal to say the least.  The second arrived on Saturday, a letter advising me that I had passed my interview of a few weeks ago (that I thought I'd flunked) and would be on a wait list for a post in the West Midlands.

And to top that, I went for the interview in Cannock yesterday and was signed in/escorted to the interview by a very burly goatee'd security guard.  Whom I wanted to do exceptionally naughty things to in the lift...!


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