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Some photos from my recent sojourn to Orléans.  Can't say I'm greatly keen on the Eurostar experience - all the waiting rooms are cramped and the on board catering doesn't tell you that your Chicken Wrap is actually a Chicken Cesar Wrap until you've bought the damn thing.  Thankfully, I didn't bit into it...  Other than that - loved the city and the fact that my most taxing decision was where to have lunch...!

La Loire
La Loire
Rue Jeanne D'Arc
Orléans Cathedral
Place de l'Étape
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So,  Friday in Pleasanton CA was a bit of a cr@p non-day to a certain degree.  Two very cranky sleep-deprived bears biting at each other.  Eventually, I left the hotel to the local Burger King and some coffee as I was definitely awake and felt the best thing to do was let His Lordship sleep.  Rang [livejournal.com profile] albadger and we met up for more coffee and to get a USB charger for the car since, despite the fact that we have three of the damn things at home, guess who forgot to pack even one of them!  Plus point was got a ride in Al's nifty new Soul. Got back to the hotel to find His Lordship awake.  We didn't do much else that day - I went out to the local Outback for dinner with Al and [livejournal.com profile] bigjohnsf, as His Lordship didn't feel like eating.
  Saturday morning was a different affair.  We'd both managed to get a better night's sleep and a decent breakfast, before setting off to Ukiah via. Santa Rosa.  Managed to find [livejournal.com profile] osodecanela's office and went out for a Salvadoran lunch, which was another pleasant taste surprise.  Can't remember what we ate, but it was good!  Visited the Burbank Gardens for a post lunch meander, then bade our farewells to Weaver and headed up to Ukiah.  Hotel had no lift which was fun with two very heavy suitcases, but comfortable enough.  Forraged for food at the local Safeway.
  Sunday - bit of a bun fight for breakfast as only 4 tables in the breakfast area, but managed to eat reasonably well.  His Lordship decided to take a trip out to the nearest Ross Dress For Less to do a little clothes shopping.  Lunch at Applebees then took a drive around the Mendochino County area, finding a nice little general store for coffee and cookies. Got back to the hotel and I decided to try the pool.  Bad move.  Despite temperatures in the nineties, the pool was absolutely freezing!  Relaxed in the sun for a little while instead.
  Monday - checked out and stopped off at the local JC Penney for more clothes shopping, then headed up to Fortuna, stopping off at the Chandelier Tree for a picnic.  Arrived at Fortuna in time for a quick swim then out to Burger King.
  Tuesday - drove up through Eureka to Arcata and a cup of coffee and cake at the local wholefood store.  Very much a student town.  We drove back down to Eureka and then on to Samoa to the beach.
  Wednesday saw us drive out to Ferndale, pause for coffee, then drive out to try and find the ocean.  And drove up.  And up.  And up.  And up.  Eventually, we didn't seem to be getting anwhere so we turned back to Ferndale and ate pizza instead.
Thursday - drove up the coast to Crescent City.  Had lunch at the Good Harvest Cafe which had been recommended on Trip Advisor and was worth the recommendation.  Food and service excellent.
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So, I was at the Stone Food and Drink Festival on Sunday - Stone happens to be about 4 miles down the road from the village where I was born; indeed, my birth was recorded at the Registrar in Stone.  But I digress.

The real reason for going to the festival was that certain hirsute TV chefs were doing their thing.  As supporters of the festival, Stephen and I had front row seats for their demonstration.  Dave was preparing Venison with Bubble and Squeak, Candied Shallots and a Sloe Gin glaze.  Si was preparing Black Pudding with Apple, Scallops and a Champagne sauce.  Recipes in "The Hairy Bikers Food Tour of Britain".  Or ask me nice and I will e-mail.

Anyroadup, Dave realises that he will need to cook the venison for 8 minutes and searches the audience for someone to time the roasting.  He scans and his eyes fall upon...

"Ah, Koala!"

Meanwhile, Si is making various threats - "You'd better get this right!"

"Trust me," I smile sweetly.

So, the venison is committed to the oven and I start my stopwatch, being heckled occasionally by Si.  I give a shout at eight minutes and the venison is removed from the oven.  However, Dave discovers that his oven was switched off, so, with 10 minutes of the demo left, they put the venison in Si's (working) oven, and request my services again.  Which I duly provide.  Eight minutes later, the venison is removed from the oven and tested.  It is declared perfect by The Hairy Ones.  At which point, Si, leaves the stage, commands me to stand up and plants a kiss on my forehead.  And I got a round of applause.

Not that it's gone to my head or anything...

Gratuitous photo of Si trying to seduce the audience... )
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Pie is baked.
Pie is eaten.
Pie will come again.
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By popular request, recipe under the clicky... )
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To quickly re-cap - Edinburgh trip went well; visited koalas; made a new friend completely by accident.  Which was nice.  Work goes on as always; the usual mix of clients from the ones who just sit and say nothing to the vociferous ones who over run by ten minutes...!

And now to the holidays - Spending Xmess in Crawley with [livejournal.com profile] karendunn and family and friends.  Dearly Beloved Aged Parent is not too far away in the depths of East Sussex with his sister and long term partner.  New Year sees me heading to the Valleys and also to Cardiff to see the old one out/new one in...

Secret Santa present from work?  A book of food porn by Gordon "F*cking" Ramsey.  I will probably never cook any of the recipes in it but I will admire the unadulterated food porn within.
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JANSSONS FRESTELSE (Janssons Temptation)

450g/1 lb potatoes

2 onions


250g / 9oz anchovies (in brine if poss. – reserve the brine)

200ml / ¾ cup whipping cream

ground pepper to taste

Set oven to 350F / 175C / gas mark 4. Butter an ovenproof dish. Slice onions and gently fry in butter until soft. Peel the potatoes and slice some of them very thinly and use these to line the dish. Grate the remaining potatoes and add to the onions, mixing together. Add the cream and juice from the anchovies and combine. Season with pepper - no need to salt. Simmer 5 minutes. Put half of this mixture into a layer in the potato lined dish. Place a layer of anchovies on top of this then spoon the remaining potato/onion mixture over. Place the remaining anchovies on top of this. Place in oven for 45 minutes. or until brown/crisp on top. Serve either with good bread, greens or a side salad.
Smaklig måltid!

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Hurrah!  Oatmeal Raisin Cookies are back at Sainsbury's!
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Clicky here for more hairiness...! )
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Pollo Pancetta pizza from Pizza Express - posh pizza!!!
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Fried bread - an essential part of your healthy breakfast(!!!)
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Köttbullar med potatis, gräddsås och lingonsyllt.
Daim "Almondy".
Lingon dryk.
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Hazelnut Latte.  With long spoon for removing froth...
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...well helloooo, cupcake!!!
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...today I had two BBC researchers visit my house for half an hour.

Watch this space.

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I was in a cafe/bar in Wolverhampton yesterday, sat at my table.  Waiting for someone to come over and take my order.  And waiting.  And waiting.  And getting crankier.  Until I realised that you had to order at the bar...

Then I found this cartoon.  Is it me, or is my nose starting to resemble half a black olive...?


May. 1st, 2009 08:07 pm
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I have just booked a ticket to cook Indian food with the Hairy Bikers at the BBC Summer Good Food Show at the NEC in Birmingham next month!

Wish me luck!
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I am on a continual search for the ultimate Chocolate Pudding.  I have tried "Entremets Flan" from France - a bit like a chocolate-y Creme Caramel and has to be cooked a little like Blancmange.  There's Swedish chocolate pudding - I impressed myself by being able to read the instructions.  The Angel Delight that we get over here is just bland and soap-y.  Currently, I am sourcing Jell-o Instant Pudding - initially from E-bay, but I have since found that I can get it in the two main department stores in Birmingham.

I am, naturally, curious as to what else is out there.

However, nothing has yet surpassed the Chocolate Cream Pie at Jim 'N Nicks in Birmingham AL.  And I am stuck in the wrong Birmingham!

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It's a public holiday today and, surprise surprise, it has rained here all day.  Needless to say, I have progressed no further in dressing today than a pair of boxers and dressing gown.  And have done as little as possible, apart from feed myself...

Brekkie this morning was maple cured bacon, premium pork sausages from the butcher's counter at Sainsbury's and potato cakes.  Washed down, of course, with a mug of tea.  Remember, folks, I don't do the egg thing.

Dinner - the other two pork sausages and a couple of Aberdeen Angus sausages that were the last left on the counter and I felt sorry for them... along with mashed 'taters, peas and gravy.

Now, has that got yer juices flowing?

Or did that start with the image of me in my boxers...??!!! :D

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Visit from Dearly Beloved Aged Parent passed ok - didn't really do much apart from drive around a little.  Had a meal out in one of the local Balti restaurants (when in the Midlands...)  And made a, rather fine if I say so myself, Shepherd's Pie...


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