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Another year passes; this time, Russ's Mother passed during the year, so she has been added to the main headstone.  Someone has cleaned up Russ's stone at the same time.  Bought some roses along this year.  I still miss the old bear.
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I was stopped in the street yesterday and told that from a distance, I look like BRIAN BLESSED!
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I wasn't around 50 years ago.  I hadn't even been thought of.  I can tie my earliest Who memory down to Patrick Troughton running around a factory of some description - this I recently identified as being from the last episode of "Invasion" in 1969.  But, in its own sweet way, Doctor Who has been a major part of my live and certainly responsible for some of my lasting friendships.  Now, I know that there are some of you out there who loathe the current incarnation of the show.  I remember the way some people felt in the last few years of the original incarnation.  As with everything in this life, you can't please all of the people all of the time.

So, to all my Who appreciating friends where ever you may be, Happy Who day!  Enjoy the show tonight, or at least sit down with your favourite classic episode and enjoy that.  Whichever you choose, enjoy!
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It would have been Beast's birthday today.  And of course, once my brain has gone down that train of thought, I think of Russ too and gave a little growl.  The world is a richer place for them having been here.  But still missed dreadfully.
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2013-08-10 16-54-54.513
New reading spec-a-tacles.  Apparently, I now need distance glasses too.  Yukkk...
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So, have closed my twitter account.  Hardly used it, but it got hacked for the second time by @sshats from a certain large officially homophobic wasteland.  Bye bye twitter it is.
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Caught the coach down from Coalville to London today and noticed that the franchisee for the coach was a Nottingham firm.  Climbed on board and showed the driver my ticket.  Then noticed that the driver was quite bear-y.  Then realised that I knew said bear - he was a friend of Russ [livejournal.com profile] rock_bear and we'd driven up to Manchester and back with him and his partner a few years ago.  So, of course, on arrival at Victoria Coach Station, managed to get a free hug off the driver.  That's personal service for you!
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I decided I was going to get myself a tablet, so the plan was to go to John Lewis in Leicester on Saturday to review what they had and possibly make a purchase.  I tend to trust John Lewis staff (or colleagues - the chain is run much like a co-operative) know what they are talking about when they give advice.  Unfortunately, the English Defence League were having a demonstration in the city center and Best Beloved forbade me from traveling there.

So, instead, made a trip out to Nottingham instead.  I still miss Nottingham - I moved away about 4 years ago now.  I know that a lot of places around there have memories of [livejournal.com profile] rock_bear but there are loads of memories I created for myself there.  None the less, as I entered the Victoria Centre, I gave a growl of supplication.  The John Lewis in Nottingham had got tablets in stock and, even better, the cute furry salesman who has been there years and, I think, sold me a camera once.

Only problem is, stayed up late last night playing with new toy.  Oh well, will just have to sleep on the coach this morning as I head down to The Smoke to meet [livejournal.com profile] albadger...
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uncle monty
RIP Richard Griffiths
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So, I'd taken Best Beloved on a surprise trip to Killarney in Eire for a few days.  We'd done the Ring of Kerry and been to the Dingle Peninsula and generally chilled for a few days.  Yesterday was the return home.  We packed up the hire car and headed back to Cork Airport arriving in plenty of time.  When we checked in the bags at the Aer Lingus counter, the clerk said that there had been a problem with the Edinburgh flight but was reasonably hopeful that there would be no problem with our flight to Birmingham.  Wrong.  We'd gone through security and were waiting at the gate when a call came for all passengers on our flight to go to the gate for an announcement.  It seems that whilst the 737 and A320 jets could land at Cork, there was insufficient visibility for the ATR-72 turboprop we were flying in (pictured) to land and our incoming plane had been diverted to Kerry International Airport.  Which was just outside to Killarney.  So, we collect our bags and head onto a coach taking us basically back the way we had just come!  A mad rush through Kerry Airport (which must qualify as the smallest airport I have ever flown through!) and on to the flight home getting back about 3 hours later than we expected.  "I've been to all the airports in Ireland today!" muttered Siobhan, one of the stewardesses, as we left the plane...


Mar. 18th, 2013 03:59 pm
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Russ's birthday today.  Happy Birthday wherever you are xxx
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Took my annual visit to Russ's grave this afternoon - need to bring a brush with me next time to clean the stone up with...
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So, despite Best Beloved's best attempts, the cat was let out of the bag when we got to Birmingham Airport.  The queue for the Ryanscare check in desk was moving slowly and only two people were on the desk.  One of the check-in clerks called forward anyone checking in for the flight to Faro and sheepishly Steve stepped forward.  So, here we are...
The boy done good.  Damn fine hotel, practically right on the beach.  Excellent restaurant, outside pool (not sure if I dare this time of the year!) and an indoor spa.
And the weather is a damn sight better than back in the UK!
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To celebrate my passing of 47 years on this planet, Best Beloved is taking me on a mystery trip.  All I know is it involves flights and euros.  So, I'm trying to pack for any eventuality (even Finland!) Watch this space or Facebook for updates...!
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President Kennedy was shot.
And the BBC first broadcast a science fiction show based around a rather cranky old man and his grand-daughter who traveled in time and space.
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Happy thanksgiving to those who celebrate!
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...the first word I heard on my radio this morning was "re-elected"!
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I've taken the plunge again.  After nigh on 6 years of abstenence, I have taken tentative steps to get behind the wheel of a car and learn to drive again.  Had my first lesson on Friday evening - sh*t scared!  Don't know why; maybe it's the amount of time since my last lesson when I was living in Gosport.  Still not sure whether I'm going to gel with my new instructor but I've got another lesson Thursday night for an hour.

Have got to do a theory and hazard perception test now which I didn't have to do in the past because I already hold a full motorcycle licence, but this now counts for naught... oh well.  So, here we go again...
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Let's get one thing straight; Best Beloved is not the most house proud of people.   I don't profess to be the tidiest person on this Earth; I loathe and despise house work and I have recently got my own way and had a new dishwasher installed.  There has been a blockage in the kitchen sink that has been there since I have known him - I have had someone in recently to clear the blockage; neither of us could identify what the goop was that in the pipes but at least it is clear now.  The utility room was filled with trash that you had to climb over to access the washing machine; that has now been cleared and we now have installed a tumble dryer in there too.  And we can now access the back garden.

But - there have been two incidents of first degree grossness that I have encountered in the four months I have been here.  Number One - the fridge freezer.  The freezer part died last year and I had been pestering Steve to get a new one.  I finally gave up and decided to arrange it myself, so I set to measuring the old one to get an idea of what dimensions the new one should be.  I measured the outside.  I measured the fridge compartment.  I opened the freezer compartment and was assaulted by a foul smell.  I opened the top of the four freezer drawers and was greeted by a drawer full of soggy cardboard, black water and rotten food.  The other three drawers revealed similar "treats".  It was vile.  And guess who ended up having to clear it all up before the new device arrived.

Number Two occurred today - I have been threatening to attack the kitchen cupboards for some months and booked a couple of vacation days off work.  First cupboard went ok.  Second cupboard, there was an odd smell and a black goop the consistency of black treacle/molasses on the bottom shelf.  I started removing tins and found the culprits - a couple of old tins of fruit that had somehow leaked and rotted with the syrup used to preserve them and produced said liquid.  Have ended up binning a load of stuff from that cupboard and scrubbing out with bleach.

I shudder to think what other joys await me...


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